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PA Virtual is an Award-Winning Online School in Reading, PA

If you’re searching for an innovative online school in Reading, PA, look no further. PA Virtual is an award-winning cyber charter school that provides K-12 public education that is tuition-free* for families. Plus, we offer support services and school counselors as well as all the technology you’ll need to set up a virtual classroom in your home. We want students to have everything they need to succeed in school and afterward in adulthood.

The Best Online School in Reading, PA

*As a public school, PA Virtual is funded by Pennsylvania Taxpayer dollars.

Online school in Reading, PA

PA Virtual offers a lot more than just in-home public education. Additionally, we offer support services for students and families. In our Diamond Model of Partnership, we include parents as an important part of the academic experience. There will still be a certified teacher handing out lessons, grades, and feedback. But you’ll be there in the home, acting as your child’s Learning Coach and making sure they keep up with their daily assignments.

What about Screen Time?

The teachers and staff at our Reading, PA, online school understand the concerns about too much screen time being involved with virtual learning. But we make sure that our students get plenty of breaks throughout the day. Additionally, we include hands-on assignments (like science projects or workbook pages) in our lesson plans. For more information, reach out to PA Virtual today.

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Clubs and After-School Activities

You may think enrolling your child in Reading, PA, online learning will limit their ability to play sports or join after-school clubs. On the contrary, PA Virtual actually offers a variety of socialization opportunities. We have local volunteer opportunities as well as educational field trips and school clubs. Whether your child has an interest in art, crafts, National Honor Society, chess, or video games — we’ve got it covered. You can check out a full list of our school clubs and activities here. Additionally, our students at PA Virtual can participate in any team sports or other extracurricular activities that their local school district provides. But if you have any questions about virtual school in Reading, Coatesville, or the Berks County area, feel free to reach out to us.

Receiving More One-on-One Time with Teachers

Because of their enrollment rules, physical public-school classrooms can get a bit overcrowded. So, it’s difficult for teachers to give each student face-to-face time. Meanwhile, PA Virtual is set up perfectly to give each student one-on-one time with their teachers. This allows our teaching staff to get to know our students better and create lessons that will fit their needs. Additionally, virtual students can focus in on their studies more, simply because there are less distractions around them. In a brick-and-mortar school, your child might have to deal with bullies, peer pressure, or gossip. In the virtual classroom that you’ve set up at home, your child can be themselves and grow confidence in their abilities as they learn and develop.