Get Ready for PA Virtual's
Free Summer Camp!

Get ready for a summer of free lessons, activities, and virtual visits!

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We are so excited about our 5th annual PA Virtual Summer Camp! We have made some improvements to make this the best summer camp EVER! Changes include:

  • Two lessons per weekday, with camp starting at 10am and ending at 12pm
  • In-person field trips when we live stream on location
  • 2 more weeks! We will start on June 17 and run until July 26
  • Themed weeks: Each week will have a theme for the lessons. The themes include Space Week, STEM Week, Zoo Week, Mystery Week, Under the Sea Week, and Let's Get Outside Week.  
  • Our camp is still 100% FREE for everyone

You don’t have to be a PA Virtual student to attend, so invite family members, friends, neighbors, and anyone you’d like to join the fun! Don’t forget to check out our YouTube camp playlist for recordings from previous Summer Camps. 

And this year’s prizes for your child’s official Summer Passport are bigger than ever! If you fill out your passport with 6 camp sessions 3 times (18 lessons total) and send it to, you'll receive a PA Virtual Summer Camp T-Shirt!

Sign up using the form to your right, and if you have any questions, e-mail Camp Director Sheik at




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