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Welcome to Our Superior Online School in Lower Merion

PA Virtual is a top-performing online school in Lower Merion, PA. Our innovative and award-winning online school offers K-12 public education that is tuition-free*, customizable, and based at home. Our mission to help children reach their full potential both academically and socially. Our programs are designed to work with families to fulfill the needs of our students and your son or daughter. Over the past 20 years, the teachers at our online school have provided engaging opportunities for students. Recently, nine of our educators have been nominated for 2020 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year.

The Best Online School in Lower Merion

*As a public school, PA Virtual is funded by Pennsylvania Taxpayer dollars.

Online school in Lower Merion

PA Virtual has staff and faculty members that are committed to helping your child succeed in all areas. Our qualified teachers provide a learning experience for students that is interactive and well-rounded. As time goes on, schools are cutting their art and music programs in order to put a heavier emphasis on core subjects. We take a different approach here at PA Virtual. With the partnership of K12, Inc., our online school offers a curriculum that is rich, comprehensive, and inspiring for students. If you would like to learn more about our online school in Lower Merion or any surrounding area, Contact us here.

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Putting Students First by Partnering with Families

PA Virtual takes pride in teaming up with the families of our students to deliver an effective curriculum, utilizing innovative technology to improve your child's education quality. We give your son or daughter all the resources that they need to thrive and flourish in our academic setting. Our students get the guidance and supervision of both our certified staff as well as their parent/learning coach at home.

A Combination of Academics and Socialization

We provide an abundance of socialization opportunities for our students in order for them to develop outside of the virtual classroom. Some of these opportunities include community engagement events and a wide variety of student clubs that are open and available for your son or daughter. Sometimes, online school gives students a lonely experience. Meanwhile, our online school in Lower Merion takes a different approach. PA Virtual offers plenty of opportunities for your son or daughter to connect with their peers and improve their social skills.  We plan fun and educational field trips to museums, planetariums, theaters, local zoos, and athletic events.

A Learning Environment that is Safe for Children

PA Virtual offers a safe and convenient learning environment that removes them from negative distractions. Conventional brick-and-mortar schools are filled with negative distractions such as bullying, gossip, and peer pressure. We counteract this by giving parents the control over their child's learning environment.  With our online school in Lower Merion, your family can have your child in a safe space where they are free of distractions. This will allow them to become their best version as they grow and develop.



Education that is Customizable for Diverse Students

So, reach out to our local Montgomery County virtual school. We provide free education to students in Norristown and Pottstown as well as in Lansdale, Blue Bell, and Philadelphia.

Our online school creates an education that is customizable to fit the unique needs for each of their students. We understand that every child has a different pace and style of learning. To make this work in your child's favor, our academic program prioritizes customization for over 2,000 students across the State of Pennyslvania. With this as a priority, your child will be able to embrace their individual strengths while also still having to meet deadlines and take responsibility for their education. We serve all of Montgomery County and the surrounding areas, including Haverford, Norristown, Pottstown, and King of Prussia as well as all of Philadelphia.