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PA Virtual Cyber Charter School

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PA Virtual is a Supportive Cyber School in Lackawanna County

PA Virtual is a top-notch cyber school in Lackawanna County, PA. Our award-winning, cutting-edge K-12 virtual school offers a customizable public education that is home-based and tuition-free*. Parents can also forget about the added costs of busing or boarding. We want to give your child everything that he or she requires to do well in life. So, we team up with families to make sure that each child’s needs are met.

Local Cyber School in Lackawanna County, PA

*As a public school, PA Virtual is funded by Pennsylvania Taxpayer dollars.

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If you're looking for an online school near Lackawanna County, you've come to the right spot. Our teachers equip students with social skills and character development as well as a great academic education that can be flexible. Let’s say that your child can move through science lessons very quickly but needs to slow down and focus when it comes to a literature lesson. PA Virtual’s flexible schedule allows for that. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of virtual schooling, contact us for more details. We are dedicated to helping your child succeed in school and in life.

A School that Puts Students First

Cyber school in Lackawanna CountyHere at our cyber school in Lackawanna County, we pride ourselves on forming partnerships with families in order to provide a stimulating and custom K-12 curriculum. We want our students and their families to have access to everything they need for a terrific educational experience. We offer everything from tech and family support to guidance counselors and Lunch and Learn sessions for parents. The parent/learning coach is an important part of our Diamond Model of Partnership.

Offering Opportunities for Socialization

You may think that your child will be lonely, sitting at home in their online classroom, isolated from their friends. However, PA Virtual provides a variety of age-appropriate socialization opportunities, including student clubs, community engagement opportunities, and field trips. Our recent fun and educational trips involved environmental centers and local zoos as well as amusement parks. Our students are also free to engage in extracurricular activities at a brick-and-mortar school in their local district. Contact our Lackawanna County online school for more details. We serve students in Scranton, Dunmore, and Old Forge, as well as in Bradford County.

Will Screen Time be an Issue?

Here at our top-notch online school, we understand that parents might be concerned about the negative effects of too much screen time for children. Our students do utilize a laptop and other technology, but we schedule several breaks throughout the day. Students are given several opportunities to get up, move around, and get outside. In addition to this, our curriculum also includes hands-on assignments, like workbook pages, art projects, and science experiments. This form of learning can help increase the amount of information that a student retains.

A Safe Space for Learning

You may have noticed that your son or daughter doesn’t like going to (or even talking about) their brick-and-mortar school. This could be a sign that your child is dealing with bullying, gossip, or peer pressure. These negative distractions can be very harmful for a student’s education and development. In contrast, the students at our virtual school don’t have to worry about these problems. Because you’re creating a safe learning space right in the comfort of your own home, you can control that environment. Here, your child can thrive and be happy while they do their schoolwork.