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PA Virtual Charter School

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A Leading Cyber School in Bradford County

If your child needs an award-winning cyber school in Bradford County, turn to PA Virtual. Our innovative K-12 online school offers public education (tuition-free*) that is home-based. We believe that it’s important to form a partnership with families. This way, we can make sure your child’s specific needs are met, allowing him or her to do their best.

We give students everything they need to have an interactive learning experience right at home. If you're wondering, "Is there an online school in Bradford County near me?" contact us today to find out more.

Local Cyber school in Bradford County

*As a public school, PA Virtual is funded by Pennsylvania Taxpayer dollars.

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Education Where It’s Safe and Sound

Going to school can be rough on children if they have to deal with bullies, teasing, or peer pressure. When your child is educated at home, they don’t have to deal with these negative distractions, allowing them to focus on their work and achieve their best.

Helping Children Develop Socially

You may be afraid that online schooling is a lonely experience for your child. On the contrary, we want to help your child develop socially as well as academically. That’s why our Bradford County cyber school offers student clubs and activities and field trips. Some of our recent excursions involve local zoos, sporting events, ballets, and museums.

Cultivating Academic Excellence

Cyber school in Bradford CountyHere at PA Virtual, our faculty and staff members are focused on providing an adaptive, stimulating curriculum that leads to academic excellence. In fact, our academic performance was ranked as the best of all the cyber schools in the state in 2017-2018.

A Terrific, Well-Rounded Curriculum

Recently, there’s been a push in schools to cut back on art and music and focus on the STEM subjects. Our well-rounded curriculum includes the core subjects as well as the fundamentals of art and music. This subject matter is important because it builds confidence, and it can enhance a child’s critical thinking and reading abilities. For more details, contact our nearby Bradford County online school. If you choose PA Virtual, we will do everything we can to help your child succeed.