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PA Virtual Cyber Charter School

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PA Virtual is a Dependable Cyber School in Westmoreland County

If you're looking for an award-winning and innovative cyber school in Westmoreland County, PA Virtual may be a great fit for your family. We offer K-12 home-based, public education that is tuition free*. We provide everything that your child needs to receive their education from home, including a laptop, printer/scanner, a headset, and all curricular materials at no cost to the family.

The Best Cyber School in Westmoreland County

*As a public school, PA Virtual is funded by Pennsylvania Taxpayer dollars.

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Our team of knowledgeable and skilled educators wants to see your child succeed at school. That is why we partner with families to provide learning experiences that are customized to your child’s needs. With 20 years of experience, we provide an interactive learning environment where students are free to learn and grow safely at their own individual pace. Visit our FAQ for more information. Or you can attend an online open house for our Westmoreland County online school nearby.

Is There Too Much Screen Time Involved?

Our cyber school in Westmoreland County understands that students will frequently be utilizing technology that is provided by the school. We make sure that there are plenty of breaks scheduled throughout the day, so students can get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Additionally, our teachers assign hands-on work (like science experiments, art projects, and workbook pages), and we also coordinate field trips each month.

Creating a Safe Space for Your Child

It may be difficult to get your child out of bed and head to their brick and mortar school in the morning if they’ve been having problems with bullying, gossiping, or peer pressure. However, our virtual school can limit these negative social distractions, allowing your child to feel safe and comfortable in their learning environment.

Self-Paced Learning Can Lead to Self-Confidence

Cyber school in Westmoreland CountyWith PA Virtual, your child’s unique gifts will be celebrated and encouraged. Our virtual school offers customized learning that can boost a child’s level of self-confidence. Because our students can work at their own pace, they won’t feel the need to compare themselves with other students. If your son or daughter is struggling with a certain subject, we have supports in place such as tutoring and online office hours.

Your Source for Personalized Education Services

We deliver our educational services through scheduling that is both structured (synchronous) and flexible (asynchronous). It all depends on your child’s unique learning needs. If your child would benefit from a structured schedule, synchronous classes may be a better fit. However, if your son or daughter thrives in a self-directed environment, then asynchronous classes may better suit their needs. When you need a nearby Westmoreland County cyber school, get in contact with us. We serve K-12 students in Greensburg and Irwin as well as in Mount Pleasant and Hempfield. So, reach out to us for more information.

I love this school I like all of the teachers that is there
I love my school. I have done this school since kindergarten and now going to the 10th grade. It is not easy but I am ahead and have learned so much more than my brick and mortar friends. My coach, my mother has helped me to excel by giving me structure and a love for learning. Thank you for having this home base school. All teachers are not awesome but all helped me to get the information needed. Some of my teachers have been outstanding. They are the best. There is no school that will be 100% in everything but PAVCS is definitely striving high. I love learning in the safety of my home and not focus on a shooter or being bullied. I can just focus on learning. 💜
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Our Daughter started in 2nd grade and she absolutely loves it.
Excellent school with great staff.
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