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PA Virtual Cyber Charter School

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PA Virtual is a Reliable Cyber School in Washington County

When you need an award-winning and state-of-the-art cyber school in Washington County, PA, turn to PA Virtual. According to the 2018 School Performance Profile, we are the top-ranking cyber charter school in the state. We offer K-12 public education (tuition-free) that is based in the home. Our educators want to see your child achieve his or her personal best. That’s why we work hard to provide a personalized education for each individual student.

A Local Cyber School in Washington County, PA

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Our teachers partner with parents to provide a learning environment where students can grow safely and pursue their personal interests. While many schools have cut back on their music and art programs to focus on the STEM subjects in recent years, PA Virtual provides a well-rounded curriculum that fosters creativity. We want students to fully develop and turn into productive 21st-century citizens. You may be wondering, "Will virtual school prepare my child for life after graduation?" In addition to our well-rounded curriculum, we also incorporate real-world experience into our high school education. Each student is required to complete a graduation project. Visit our helpful FAQ to find out more about our nearby Washington County online school.

Too much Screen Time?

The staff members at our Washington County cyber school understand this concern. Our students frequently use technology, but we also make sure that there are more than enough breaks throughout the day. Children have the opportunity to get outside every so often, and our teachers also assign hands-on work, like workbook pages and science experiments. This type of learning involves real-world knowledge and experience that can help during adulthood. So, contact us if you're wondering, "Is there an online school in Washington County near me?" We serve the entire area including Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.

Creating a Safe Space for Learning

Cyber school in Washington CountyIf your son or daughter has been dealing with gossip or bullying at their brick-and-mortar school, it can be hard to get them up in the morning and on the bus. Conversely, our virtual learning school is free of these negative distractions because parents have total control over the environment. Our students are able to feel safe and happy while they work hard to achieve their best in school.

Students Can Work at Their Own Speed

If your child is a history buff who tends to struggle with math or science lessons, that is not a problem. Our flexible schedule allows students to pace themselves and put extra time towards those pesky subjects that don’t come naturally to them. Also, when students make their own schedule, it can help cut back on the number of sick days they have to take. If your son or daughter isn’t feeling so hot in the morning, they may be able to get some extra rest and then complete their schoolwork later in the day. So, if you're looking for schools in Washington, PA, reach out to us.

An Education that Won’t Break the Bank

Not only is our public online school tuition-free, you also won’t need to worry about the extra costs of transportation or buying a school lunch each day. We give you all the materials and technology you need to set up an amazing learning environment in your home, and we also provide effective support services. Whether your child is in need of immunizations or age-appropriate socialization opportunities, we have it covered. In fact, many of our students have found that their social and educational lives are just as enriching at our terrific cyber charter school.