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PA Virtual Cyber Charter School

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An Award-Winning Cyber School in Somerset County

Here at our innovative K-12 cyber school in Somerset County, we offer a public education (tuition-free) that is based in the home. The teachers at our top-notch virtual school emphasize the individual student and put forth a personalized interactive learning experience.

Local Cyber School in Somerset County

Aside from a terrific education, we also have all of the support services a student or family may need. Whether you could use a guidance counselor or a Lunch and Learn session for parents, we’ve got it covered. Find out more by checking out our online open house.

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A Controlled, Safe Learning Environment

When children have to deal with negative experiences like bullying and gossip, school can be very difficult on them. Thanks to our home-based cyber school in Somerset County, you can create a safe place for your child to learn, develop, and gain self-confidence.

A Variety of Student Clubs and Activities

Just because your child is enrolling in a virtual school, it doesn’t mean that he or she has to give up their favorite clubs and activities. We have everything from animal club and art club to gaming club and National Honor Society.

Student Screen Time

Our faculty and staff members understand the concern about screen time and the effects it can have on children. That’s why we provide plenty of breaks throughout the day. Students are able to stand up, move around, and get outdoors (if weather permits). Also, our curriculum includes hands-on work, like art projects and science labs. So, learn more about our nearby Somerset County online school.

Providing Affordable Learning

Cyber school in Somerset CountyIn addition to our tuition-free public education, another cost you won’t have to worry about is transportation or boarding. We give families all of the materials and technology that’s needed to set up a state-of-the-art classroom right at home. We also provide learning support and tech support services.