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PA Virtual Cyber Charter School

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Welcome to Our Top-Performing Cyber School in Northumberland County

When you’re searching for a great, innovative cyber school in Northumberland County, look no further than PA Virtual. Our award-winning K-12 virtual school offers customized public education (tuition-free) that is based in the home. Partnering with families, our faculty and staff members make sure that our students have everything that’s needed to do well in school and in life.

The Best Cyber School in Northumberland County, PA

Our school puts a focus on each individual student, creating lessons that can accommodate different learning styles. Contact our office for more info on our local online learning.

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Offering Well-Rounded Academics

Cyber school in Northumberland CountyA lot of physical schools have been cutting back on art and music, so they can focus on the STEM academic subjects. By way of contrast, our cyber school in Northumberland County offers a well-rounded curriculum that includes the core subjects as well as the fundamentals of art and music.

A Totally Safe Learning Environment

If you notice that your son or daughter seems down about school, it might be because of bullying, peer pressure, or gossip. When your child is educated at home, you can control the environment and create a learning place without these negative distractions. Your child will feel safe emotionally and physically. So, contact our nearby Northumberland County, PA, online school.

Will Children have too much Screen Time?

We know that too much screen time can be harmful for developing children. That’s why our daily schedule includes plenty for breaks for students, and our teachers provide hands-on assignments (like art projects and science labs), getting students away from the laptop every so often.

Our Students are Supervised in a Self-Directed Environment

Your child might love science, allowing them to cruise through biology lessons, while they need to slow down and spend more time focusing on math. Your child will be able to thrive with PA Virtual’s flexible schedule. In fact, our graduation rates are up among the leaders in Pennsylvania cyber schools.