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PA Virtual Cyber Charter School

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Your Full-Service Cyber School in Mercer County

PA Virtual is a cutting-edge cyber school in Butler County that offers K-12 public education that is home-based and tuition-free. We want to see students apply themselves and do their best in school and in life. Consequently, our educators team up with families to create a custom level of learning for each and every student.

Local Cyber School in Mercer County

Our instructors offer one-on-one learning for students. Find out if our online school is right for your family.

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Teaming Up with Families

Cyber school in Mercer CountyHere at our cyber school in Mercer County, our teachers and support staff work with families to create an educational experience that meets the specific needs of each child. As a matter of fact, our Student Services Department was given the Nicholas Cericola Memorial Award, recognizing our accomplishments with family involvement.

Meeting Your Child’s Educational and Social Needs

Our in-home education does not involve your child being secluded from his or her friends. We provide several age-appropriate socialization opportunities, including community engagement projects, field trips, and clubs. Whether your child is interested in music, anime, or student council—we’ve got it covered. Our students can also join extracurricular activities at a local physical school. Contact our nearby Mercer County online school for more details.

Completing Schoolwork Quicker

If your child goes to a physical school, that involves daily transportation time—whether that’s via school bus or a parent’s car. An in-home virtual education can be a lot quicker and easier for children, leaving more time in their day for activities like sports and volunteer opportunities.

Get Involved in Your Child’s Education

While our academic model does allow for independence, virtual schooling doesn’t require the most grownup and well-disciplined child ever. We require that an adult learning coach is at home with the student to monitor progress. We also provide all the resources that parents need to work alongside their child each day.