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PA Virtual Cyber Charter School

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A Comprehensive Cyber School in Lycoming County

PA Virtual is a cyber school in Lycoming County that offers award-winning support services. In addition to providing a home-based K-12 education that is tuition-free, we also administer innovative technology as well as support for students and parents. We want your child to have everything that he or she needs to succeed.

A Top Cyber School in Lycoming County

Our teachers partner with families to provide a customized learning experience. Get in touch with us for more info on our Lycoming County online school nearby.

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A Schedule that Meets Your Child’s Needs

Cyber school in Lycoming CountyIf your child excels at math and science but has a hard time with literature lessons, that is not a problem. The flexibility in our schedule allows children to focus more time on the subjects that don’t come to them naturally. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. There's no need to try to rush through a tough lesson just because a bell in the hallway rings.

A Terrific Education that is Affordable

In addition to our cyber school in Lycoming County being tuition-free, you also won’t need to worry about providing your child with the necessary supplies like a laptop, printer/scanner, technology, and curricular materials.  Our online school offers amazing educational and support services. If your child needs immunizations, a guidance counselor, or tech support — we’ve got it covered. We also offer special education services for students with IEPs. So, contact PA Virtual if you're wondering, "Is there an online school in Lycoming County near me?" We are here to help your child succeed in school and after they graduate.

Studying Art and Music

Recently there has been a push in schools to cut art and music programs to focus on the STEM subjects. However, at PA Virtual, we believe that it’s important to provide a well-rounded curriculum. In addition to providing the core subjects, we encourage students to follow their creative interests and achieve their goals.

Providing Fun Socialization Opportunities

With an in-home education, you might fear that your son or daughter is stuck in isolation without access to their friends. When in reality, we offer numerous age-appropriate socialization opportunities, including student clubs, after-school activities, and field trips. Our recent trips have involved local sporting events, zoos, museums, and plays.