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PA Virtual is your solution if your family is looking for the best online school in Lower Paxton. We offer a tuition-free*, award-winning cyber school that's based in the home. This can help save your family time, making your son or daughter's education more convenient for everyone. Our program focuses on the individual student, helping your child reach their full potential. The academic experience is designed to heavily involve our certified teachers and staff, teaming up with our student's parent or learning coach at home. This allows your child to have guidance both at home and online throughout their education. We also provide our students' families with an abundance of additional support. 


The Best Online School in Lower Paxton

*As a public school, PA Virtual is funded by Pennsylvania Taxpayer dollars.

Online School in Lower Paxton

Our online school in Lower Paxton, PA, gives an award-winning education. Plus, we have all the additional support services that your family needs for a successful public online learning experience. We are much more than just a free virtual school for Pennsylvania students. PA Virtual is a great fit for any student. You and your family can enroll today Or, reach out for more information about our full-service online school. 

Here at PA Virtual, we strive to improve the productivity and health of all our students. We implement this into our public online learning by encouraging our students to go outside and get fresh air during the day. We understand that too much screen time can have a negative effect on students' academic performance as well as their health. Too much screen time can cause eye strain and headaches that can cause a lack of productivity and focus over time. To combat this, we have systems in place in order to maintain your childs efficiency. PA Virtual strongly believes in having a healthy, flexible learning structure. Your son or daughter having too much screen time is taken very seriously in our cyber charter school program, and we make it work for all of our students. Additionally, our teachers also provide hands-on work. This includes science labs, art projects, and workbook pages. We are the best online school in Lower Paxton, and we are confident that PA Virtual is the right fit for your child and family.

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Offering Additional Clubs & Developing Social Skills

Our online school in Lower Paxton allows your child to grow and develop in a more well-rounded way. We offer a wide variety of clubs and extra-curricular activities such as service-learning opportunities and field trips. We have a National Honor Society, Student Council, and Photography Club. We are a school that expands your child's options when it comes to extra-curricular activities. Our Lower Paxton online school gives our students plenty of options to choose from, while also allowing them to take part in extra-curricular activities at their local brick-and-mortar school. PA Virtual allows your son or daughter to take advantage of tons of socialization opportunities.

Your Child Gets Access to One-on-One Teaching

Our K-12 curriculum allows your child to be able to use their strengths to their advantage and work their best in order to get the best results. To achieve this goal, our certified and widely respected staff take the time to get to know each child on an individual level. We give all of our students one-on-one time and all the undivided attention that they need. At our cyber school in Lower Paxton, we make it a priority to ensure that all of our students needs are met inside and outside of the classroom. We build lessons that work with your child's strengths, allowing each student to thrive and flourish.

Improving Focus and Eliminating Distractions

Our online school in Lower Paxton is designed to give parents the resources to create an at-home learning space that is safe, positive, and convenient for your family. Our school takes necessary precautions to remove unnecessary distractions, such as gossip, teasing, or even bullying. These distractions, if not handled properly, can lead to your son or daughter having negative associations with education and learning in general. In our virtual school, we develop and grow each of our student's confidence by giving them the freedom to be themselves. We would love to help your family turn your son or daughter into a confident, well-rounded member of society. In addition to our services in Lower Paxton, we also work with students in Harrisburg, Hershey, Middletown, and all of Dapuhin County.

Education Made Simple and Effective 

Our online school in Lower Paxton saves your family time and effort. Oftentimes, cyber school can be easier and more convenient than brick and mortar schools. PA Virtual saves you time, allowing your child to simplify their day and get more things done. We have come to realize that school doesn't have to consume a child's entire day. With PA Virtual, after-school jobs, community volunteering, and at-home chores can now fit into your child's schedule.