Kindergarten - The Learning Starts at Home

Begin their education the right way – with you by their side. We offer at-home full-day kindergarten.

Why Choose PA Virtual?

  • We are a FREE, public, online K-12 Pennsylvania charter school.

  • Full day kindergarten – from your home!

  • Our flexible program provides a personalized education for every child.
  • Our PA-certified teachers partner with parents to help children succeed.
  • Our parents have the ability to integrate play and fun into every day of their child's learning.

  • We offer monthly educational events across PA so students can socialize with classmates and meet their teachers.
  • We deliver a laptop, a printer, and the curriculum, books, and materials needed to achieve educational success.

“I really enjoyed the flexibility
to work at my own pace. The independence that PA Virtual
offered taught me the responsibility of balancing school with other activities, ultimately preparing me for college.”


Elizabeth D.
2014 PA Virtual Graduate

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