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PA Virtual Cyber Charter School

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A Cyber School in Indiana County, PA, that Helps Students Reach their Potential

PA Virtual is a top-performing cyber school in Indiana County, PA. Our home-based K-12 public education is tuition-free, and we put an emphasis on partnering with parents to provide a personalized level of education for students. We want to do everything we can to help your child succeed in the classroom and in life.

A Top Cyber School in Indiana County, PA

Every staff member at our virtual school is dedicated to being a partner in your child’s education. Contact us today to request more informationon our Indiana County, PA, cyber school. We're here to help your child succeed.

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Getting to Work with Your Child

While our academic model allows for a certain level of independence, our online school doesn’t require the most well-disciplined children in the world. One of our requirements is that there’s a parent/learning coach at home with the student. We’ll give you everything you need to work alongside your child and log his or her progress each day. Additionally, you'll have all the support you need as you make this transition. We offer mentoring programs as well as regular Parent Lunch and Learns. Check out our calendar to see when the next session is.

A Quicker School Day

When you send your child to a brick-and-mortar school, they have to take the time to be physically transported there each day, whether it’s by bus or a parent’s car. In-home schooling doesn’t require as much time. This is extra helpful if your child plays sports, works a job, or volunteers after school. You can make a school schedule that fits your child's specific needs. Plus, PA Virtual offers flexible scheduling, from subject to subject. If your child is a math whiz that needs a bit more time on science or history lessons, that's completely fine.

Does this Involve Screen Time?

We understand the effects of too much screen time. Our students do use laptops for their schoolwork, but we also make sure they have more than enough breaks in their day. Our students even get a chance to get outside as long as the weather is being cooperative. In addition to this, our teachers include hands-on work in their assignments. Our students work on science labs as well as workbook pages. For more details, contact our nearby Indiana County, PA, online school.

We Include a Well-Rounded Curriculum

Cyber school in Indiana CountyRecently, there has been a push towards cutting back on art and music and focusing more on the STEM subjects. We believe that it’s important to offer a well-rounded academic curriculum that encourages students to be creative.