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PA Virtual Cyber Charter School

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A Cyber School in Fayette County That is Putting Students First

PA Virtual is a top-notch cyber school in Fayette County that provides custom, state-of-the-art K-12 public education that is home-based and tuition-free. Our faculty and staff members want to see your child succeed. Therefore, we form partnerships with families, making sure that each student’s needs are met.

Local Cyber School in Fayette County

Our instructors offer one-on-one engagement that helps foster growth. For more information about our award-winning virtual school, reach out to us.

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Complete Schoolwork Faster

If your child attends a brick-and-mortar school, you have to account for travel time each day as well as the time it takes to complete homework. PA Virtual provides a quicker, easier, and more-flexible schedule for your child. This is especially helpful if your child plays sports, works an after-school job, or has a busy home life.

Getting more Involved in Your Child’s Education

You might think that a student must be very well disciplined to stick to deadlines and finish their schoolwork. In contrast, our cyber school in Fayette County uses a learning coach as our eyes and ears in the home. We give parents all the resources they need to work with their child and manage the academic schedule each day. Check our calendar for the next Parent Lunch and Learn session.

The Benefits of Self-Paced Learning

Cyber school in Fayette CountyCustomized learning can provide a real confidence boost for kids. By being allowed to work at their own speed, they’ll never feel like they’re too far ahead or falling behind the rest of their class. Your child also won’t be afraid to raise their hand to answer or ask a question in class.

A Trusted Source for Custom Education Services

We offer live classes (synchronous) and self-directed courses (asynchronous). Depending on how much structure your child needs, we can adapt their schedule. Our teachers also provide a pacing guide, outlining upcoming due dates. Learn more about our nearby Fayette County online school today.