Extra Credit!

Partnering with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, we’re offering an enriched educational experience to animate our exhibits. Whether you've scanned this at the museum or found us online, dive deeper into this month's topic and be sure to visit in person for the full experience.

This month's lesson is all about the T-Rex!


Dr. Matt Lamanna, Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology and principal dinosaur researcher at Carnegie Museum of Natural History, explains how they came to own one of the most beautiful natural history specimens in the country. This T. rex fossil, originally owned by the American Museum of Natural History in New York, was sold to the Carnegie for a price tag of $7,000 in 1941. That's roughly $150,000 today! Of course T. rex fossils have a heavy price tag for any museum but would you believe that as recently as 1997 one sold for 8.7 million dollars.


It isn't all about money though. This fossil, consisting of 40 bones in total, was pieced together and stands beautifully in the world-renowned Carnegie Museum of Natural History next to yet another T. Rex fossil. The two stand upon the spoils of their hunt in their exhibit, demonstrating the harsh and captivating world of the Late Cretaceous era. These famous dinosaurs continue to fascinate us millennia later. 

PA Virtual's comprehensive curriculum introduces fun science facts and trips to places like Carnegie Museum of Natural History as early as elementary school. As with all of our educational endeavors, we ensure that our students are learning about engaging content that will challenge them and foster genuine passion and interest. Stay tuned for more of our monthly lessons in the upcoming year.

Watch the video below to find out more!

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