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PA Virtual Cyber Charter School

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Welcome to Our Top-Quality Cyber School in Cumberland County

If you’re looking for an innovative, award-winning cyber school in Cumberland County, get in touch with PA Virtual. We are a K-12 online school that offers home-based, public education (tuition-free*). We offer a variety of top-of-the-line support services, including guidance counselors, family support coordinators, intervention solutions, school psychologists, and parent mentor programs.

Best Cyber School in Cumberland County

*As a public school, PA Virtual is funded by Pennsylvania Taxpayer dollars.

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Here at our cyber charter school, we want your child to do their best both inside and outside of the classroom. Our dedicated teachers and staff partner with families to provide education that is personalized to meet the needs of each student. Our teachers and parents/Learning Coaches oversee an interactive learning environment that allows students to grow safely. Give us a call today to find out if our nearby Cumberland County online school is the right fit for your family.

A Safe Learning Environment for Children

Even though the dilemma of bullying has come to light in recent years, it is still an ongoing issue that causes children to have negative experiences while they’re at school. However, our cyber school in Cumberland County makes it easier for parents to control their son or daughter’s learning environment. We give you everything you need to create a safe space where your child can feel comfortable while they learn and develop.

An Education that is Tailored for Students

Every child works at their own pace, so it can be difficult for teachers to keep a crowded classroom of students learning in sync with each other. That’s why we offer live classes with teachers (synchronous) and customized schedules that are supervised by teachers (asynchronous learning). This allows students to work on their own schedule with a pacing guide. You won’t have to worry about your child falling behind or getting too far ahead of the other students in their class.

Offering Opportunities for Student Socialization

When you think of a cyber charter school, you may picture a child sitting at home alone without their peers. This is not the case with PA Virtual. We know that it’s important for students to develop socially as well as academically. That’s why we offer our students a number of chances to socialize, like community engagement opportunities, student clubs and activities, and field trips. A few of our recent school outings include trips to museums, planetariums, ballets, and sporting events. Contact our online school near Cumberland County for more details. We offer online schooling in Carlisle and Camp Hill as well as in Mechanicsburg.

A School Schedule that is Adjustable

Cyber school in Cumberland CountyIn many schools, children have to spend an exact amount of time on each subject as they go from period one to period eight throughout their day. However, our virtual school has a flexible schedule that allows students to spend more or less time on different subjects, depending on their needs. For example, a math whiz might be able to fly through an algebra lesson but then has to focus more time on a science or English lesson.

I love this school I like all of the teachers that is there
I love my school. I have done this school since kindergarten and now going to the 10th grade. It is not easy but I am ahead and have learned so much more than my brick and mortar friends. My coach, my mother has helped me to excel by giving me structure and a love for learning. Thank you for having this home base school. All teachers are not awesome but all helped me to get the information needed. Some of my teachers have been outstanding. They are the best. There is no school that will be 100% in everything but PAVCS is definitely striving high. I love learning in the safety of my home and not focus on a shooter or being bullied. I can just focus on learning. 💜
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Our Daughter started in 2nd grade and she absolutely loves it.
Excellent school with great staff.
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