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PA Virtual Cyber Charter School

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A Cyber School in Clearfield County that Puts Students First

Here at our award-winning K-12 cyber school in Clearfield County, we provide a home-based public education (tuition-free). The educators at our innovative online school put an emphasis on the individual student, providing a custom interactive learning experience.

A Top Cyber School in Clearfield County, PA

In addition to a top-quality education, we also provide all of the support services that a student and family needs. On an average, our Family Support Coordinators have more than 10 years of experience. Contact our team for more information on online learning in PA.

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A Safe Space for Development

Cyber school in Clearfield CountyGoing to a physical school can be overwhelming for children, especially if they have to deal with bullying, gossip, or teasing. However, our home-based cyber school in Clearfield County allows parents to create a safe, controlled environment that is free from these types of negative distractions. Here, a child can grow and build self-confidence.

An Education that is Custom-Built for Students

It can be very challenging for a teacher to keep every student in a congested classroom working at the same pace. Here at PA Virtual, we have a flexible schedule that lets students work at their own speed. This way, your child doesn’t have to be concerned with falling behind or getting ahead the rest of the class. To learn more, contact our nearby Clearfield County online school.

Becoming Independent

Everyone has their favorite subjects in school, and our virtual school allows for that. If a student excels in math but needs more time to focus on history or science, that’s perfectly fine. They don’t need a bell to tell them when to switch subjects or eat their lunch.

Offering Student Clubs and Activities

Enrolling in an online school doesn’t have to mean that your child is giving up after-school activities. Whether your son or daughter has an interest in music, robots, or National Honor Society — we make it easy to join a club and try out new hobbies.