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PAVirtual Charter School

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Cutting-Edge Cyber School in Carbon County

When you’re looking for an innovative, award-winning cyber school in Carbon County, turn to PA Virtual. Our K-12 public education is tuition-free and based in the home. We believe it’s important to customize our educational and support services to meet the specific needs of each student. In order to do this, we form a partnership with families to help children reach their personal bests.

The Best Cyber School in Carbon County

Our faculty and staff members provide a great interactive learning experience for students. Visit our FAQ to learn more.

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Fostering Academic Excellence

Here at PA Virtual, our efforts are concentrated on academic excellence. As a matter of fact, in the 2017-2018 school year, we had the best academic performance of all cyber schools in Pennsylvania. Our educators provide a stimulating K-12 curriculum that will help your child succeed.

An Adjustable School Schedule

The classic school schedule is very rigid, with each period demarcated by the sound of a bell. Our cyber school in Carbon County has a flexible schedule. If your son or daughter excels in math but needs more time to focus on an English or history lesson, that is totally fine.

Socialization Opportunities that are Age-Appropriate

A virtual classroom isn’t a lonely situation in which your child has no friends. In contrast, we make sure that there are plenty of chances for students to socialize in a safe place. We provide field trips as well as student clubs and activities. This is a terrific way for children to explore a new interest of two. So, contact PA Virtual if you're looking for a Carbon County online school nearby. We serve students in Jim Thorpe and Palmerton as well as in Lehighton and Lehigh County.

Learning Where It’s Safe and Sound

Cyber school in Carbon CountyWhen children have to put up with negative distractions like bullying and peer pressure, school can be very difficult for them to get through each day. You have more control over the educational environment with the help of our home-based schooling. Your child can feel comfortable as they learn.