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PA Virtual Cyber Charter School

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PA Virtual is a Top-Performing Cyber School in Cambria County

When you need a state-of-the-art cyber school in Cambria County, contact PA Virtual. We offer K-12 home-based public education (tuition-free). Our teachers and staff want to see your child do their personal best. So, we work hard to put forth a personalized education for each individual student.

A Top Cyber School in Cambria County

Our award-winning school partners with parents to provide a safe learning environment. Learn more about us today.

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Will There be too much Screen Time?

We understand your concerns about screen time during a child’s formative years. Our students do use technology that’s been provided by the school, but we also give our students plenty of breaks each day. Additionally, our teachers provide assignments that involve hands-on coursework. This could be anything from a science experiment to a workbook page. Contact our nearby Cambria County cyber school for more information. Or, you can learn more about our vision here.

Cyber Schools and State Testing

Cyber school in Cambria CountyOur goal is to be an exemplar for other cyber schools, and, according to the School Performance Profile results that were released by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in 2018, our cyber school in Cambria County is the top-performing cyber charter in Pennsylvania. We attribute this success to the educational partnerships we form between teachers, support staff members, and parents.

Making it Easier to Complete Schoolwork Faster

When your child goes to a physical school, you have to account for busing time each day as well as homework time. PA Virtual provides a quicker and easier schedule for children. This can be especially helpful if your child works an after-school job or plays sports.

Being Involved in Your Child’s Education

Our model requires that a parent/learning coach is there with the student at home. If you’re worried about your son or daughter being able to stick to deadlines with their schoolwork, that isn’t a problem. We give parents everything they need to help manage the academic schedule.