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PA Virtual is a Terrific Online School in Bensalem

If you’re looking for a top online school in Bensalem, you’ve come to just the right spot. Our cyber charter school offers tuition-free* education that is based right at home. Our experienced educators want to do everything that they can to help your child succeed both in the classroom and afterward in adulthood. Therefore, we team up with families in order to make sure each student’s individual needs are met. We want to equip your child with the educational and social skills they need to become a productive member of society. And we believe that providing a full, well-rounded curriculum is just the starting point. Learn more about some of our school support services.


The Best Online School in Bensalem

*As a public school, PA Virtual is funded by Pennsylvania Taxpayer dollars.

Online school in Bensalem

We strive to help our students become lifelong learners, whether their life after graduation involves college or becoming a member of the workforce or military. Our Bensalem online school tries to foster curiosity in students. Plus, our high school students are required to take part in a graduation project that includes real-world experiences.

Here at PA Virtual, we understand the concerns about the effects of screen time when it comes to learning virtually. But we do several things to make sure this won’t be an issue for our students. Students are given plenty of breaks throughout the day. And our teachers incorporate different kinds of hands-on assignments in their lessons. That may involve some workbook pages or an engaging science experiment or art project.

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A Custom-Built Education

It can be a challenge for public school teachers to get 20 or 30 students working at a similar pace. That’s why PA Virtual offers both synchronous and asynchronous classes. This way, students can work at their own pace without having to worry about getting ahead or falling behind the rest of the class. So, get in touch with PA Virtual today. We serve Bensalem and the entire Montgomery County and Bucks County area, including Haverford, Bristol, Abington, and Cheltenham. And we offer online education in Falls Township.

Feeling Safe at School

Brick-and-mortar schools face many challenges involving bullies, gossip, and peer pressure. When a child has to deal with distractions, it can hurt their academic progress and turn school into a negative experience for them. Meanwhile, our Bensalem virtual school prides itself on offering a safe place for learning. We give you all of the support and tech you'll need to set up a safe space right in your home.