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PA Virtual Cyber Charter School

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A Cyber School in Beaver County That Believes in a Team Approach

Here at PA Virtual, we offer a custom K-12 public education (tuition-free) that is based in the home. The teachers at our award-winning cyber school in Beaver County want to see your child do their best and be successful. For this reason, we partner with parents/learning coaches to make sure that each family’s needs are met.

The Best Cyber School in Beaver County

Our instructors focus on individual students, offering one-on-one experiences that foster growth. If you have questions, feel free to contact our local online school.

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Completing Schoolwork Faster

If your child is attending a physical school, they have to take the time to ride the bus in, attend their classes, ride the bus back home, and then complete their homework. By way of contrast, our Beaver County cyber school takes less time out of the day, making school easier, quicker, and more flexible. If your child's schedule includes sports events, doctor's appointments, a job, volunteer events, and more that isn't a problem at PA Virtual. You can adapt the school schedule to meet the specific needs of your child.

Work Alongside Your Child

While our model does allow for a level of independence, you don’t need to have the most well-disciplined child in the world to make a virtual education work. At home, our students must have a learning coach — an adult who is responsible for monitoring progress. We give parents everything they need to make sure their son or daughter meets their school requirements. And there's no need for you to feel overwhelmed. We also offer support for parents, including one-on-one mentoring as well as Lunch and Learn sessions.

Our Students Get One-on-One Time with Teachers

Even though a teacher isn’t there with your child physically, they still have a mentoring relationship. Our educators get to know our students, making sure the child’s academic needs are being met. In addition, we offer full-service support to students and parents. So, contact PA Virtual if you're wondering, "Who offers Beaver County online schooling near me?" We serve the entire area, including Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.

Enriching a Child’s Life Socially

Cyber school in Beaver CountyWhen you envision a virtual school, you might think of your child in complete seclusion. When in fact, we offer some great opportunities for socialization and community engagement. We also plan field trips to places like museums, theaters, and sporting events.