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PA Virtual is a Terrific Online School in Altoona

Here at our award-winning online school in Altoona, PA, we offer tuition-free*, K-12 public education that is home-based. Our mission is to see your child succeed by helping them reach their full potential both academically and socially. Our teachers and staff members form a partnership with families, giving an individualized level of learning for each student.

*As a public school, PA Virtual is funded by Pennsylvania Taxpayer dollars.

Online School in Altoona

The Best Online School in Altoona

Our cyber charter school helps meet the needs of each individual student by utilizing cutting-edge technology and personalized learning systems. You might be wondering, "Is there an online school in Altoona?" If you would like to find out more about PA Virtual, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

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Personalized Learning For Your Child

PA Virtual's online school in Altoona has a learning system that is personalized to each individual student, helping to boost their self-confidence. Our system is set up to give our students the opportunity to meet their deadlines at their own pace. Students are able to thrive at the pace that works best for them. They don't feel concerned or worried about falling behind or getting too far ahead of their classmates. PA Virtual has created a system where they can complete their assignments in their own way that works best for them.

Flexible Learning System

We offer synchronous as well as asynchronous lessons. Our Altoona online school gives your son or daughter the option to learn in either a live class setting or flexible, directed coursework. In addition, we can adapt our delivery system and accommodate their learning style, depending on the level of structure that your child needs in their schedule. Our certified teachers also provide a helpful pacing guide so that students and parents can outline their due dates and meet their deadlines for their assignments.

But What about the Effects of Having Too Much Screen Time?

We understand the common concern of children being exposed to too much screen time throughout their online school day. We agree that measures should definitely be taken into account to limit or monitor our students' screen use throughout the day.

Our online format is designed to give your son or daughter plenty of breaks throughout the day. And students are encouraged to get up and move around throughout the day. Our students do use laptops, but they also work hands-on with lessons like art projects and science experiments. These measures give your students a healthy balance of screen time so that they can remain healthy and productive.

Opportunities to Develop Social Skills

Offering an abundance of socialization opportunities is a big priority at PA Virtual. We understand the common concern of children being isolated and not being able to connect with their peers and build social skills. We agree that students should never be isolated. That's why our cyber school in Altoona offers a wide range of monthly field trips, student clubs, and service-learning projects. Some recent field trips that our students have taken include local zoos, museums, and planetariums across Pennsylvania. PA Virtual checks all the boxes for your son or daughter. Contact us to learn more about our local Altoona online school. You can also get started by checking out our video library.