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PA Virtual Cyber Charter School

Allentown Online High School

If your child has been dealing with stress, bullying, or peer pressure at their physical school, you may be considering the alternative of an Allentown online high school. Here at PA Virtual, we offer home-based education that’s also tuition-free. So, your child is able to learn in a safe place without any distractions or safety hazards around them. This makes it easier for a student to stay focused on their studies and achieve their very best in school. We just want to see your child thrive and gain confidence and knowledge as they prepare for state testing. In 2017-2018, PA Virtual was actually awarded the highest School Performance Profile Score out of all cyber charter schools in Pennsylvania.

Allentown online high school

Is There an Allentown Online High School Near Me?

If you found your way here, you may be wondering, “Should I transfer my child to a virtual high school?” It’s important to remember that in the State of Pennsylvania, you do have options outside of your neighborhood high school. Here are some of the best alternatives to traditional high school. An online school, like PA Virtual, can provide customizable education services because we offer both synchronous and asynchronous classes. Whether your child thrives in a self-directed environment or a teacher-led classroom instruction — we can provide that for them.

In recent years, many schools have just been focusing on the STEM subjects. While we also focus on the STEM subjects, our public online high school in Allentown also works art and music classes into our curriculum. We believe in teaching a well-rounded curriculum that inspires students. Our certified teachers provide engaging lessons that will challenge your child and prepare him or her for life after high school graduation, whether that involves a college or university, a trade school, work, or the military.

Online school near Allentown


Helping Parents Help their Students

Sometimes when a child struggles in school, it can help if their parents get more involved. PA Virtual incorporates a Learning Coach/parent position in our academic experience. You’ll be working with your child each day to make sure they stay on track with their progress. Don’t worry if this is your first time trying something like this. In addition to our student support services, our online school near Allentown also offers support for parents in the form of Lunch and Learn sessions as well as peer mentorship. Contact us for more information on our Allentown online high school. The grades that we teach at PA Virtual include high school as well as elementary and middle school.

I love this school I like all of the teachers that is there
I love my school. I have done this school since kindergarten and now going to the 10th grade. It is not easy but I am ahead and have learned so much more than my brick and mortar friends. My coach, my mother has helped me to excel by giving me structure and a love for learning. Thank you for having this home base school. All teachers are not awesome but all helped me to get the information needed. Some of my teachers have been outstanding. They are the best. There is no school that will be 100% in everything but PAVCS is definitely striving high. I love learning in the safety of my home and not focus on a shooter or being bullied. I can just focus on learning. 💜
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Our Daughter started in 2nd grade and she absolutely loves it.
Excellent school with great staff.
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