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PA Virtual provides personalized education for approximately 2000 students from diverse backgrounds across the Commonwealth.




PA Virtual Charter School is a cyber charter school that is public. Founded in 2001, we strive to be a recognized leader across the nation for strategic innovation, thinking, and quality in all areas of K-12 online education, serving as a respected exemplar for other virtual schools. 

Our innovative and award-winning curricula are developed to match the student’s immediate and long-term needs while maintaining the absolute highest level of education. Our administration and staff at Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School provide a customized experience for each student, whether your child is just starting their academic career or approaching graduation in the Pittsburgh area. Learn more about our online education in Allegheny County, PA.


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You’ll receive information and videos covering:

  • A typical day
  • Our school-issued laptops and technology
  • Curriculum materials
  • The role of our parents
  • Social opportunities
  • Advice from current parents
  • Support and resources for our families



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