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PA Virtual Cyber Charter School

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Your Comprehensive Cyber School in Adams County

PA Virtual is a top-performing K-12 cyber school in Adams County that offers a home-based, tuition free* public education as well as award-winning support services. Our faculty and staff members work diligently to make sure that your child has everything that they need to do well in school and beyond.

Focusing on individual students, our educators come together with families to offer a personalized education. If you're looking for online Schools nearby Adams County, PA, request more information about us today.

A Top Cyber School in Adams County

*As a public school, PA Virtual is funded by Pennsylvania Taxpayer dollars.

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Offering One-on-One Experiences

In a brick-and-mortar school, it’s often difficult for instructors to get around a crowded classroom and provide face-to-face learning with each individual student. In contrast, our teachers can give children that one-on-one time that allows them to get to know students personally and build lessons that factor in their unique gifts and needs.

A Controlled Learning Environment

Attending a brick and mortar school can involve negative distractions, like bullying, gossip, and peer pressure. Educating your child at home with the help of our cyber school in Adams County allows parents to create a controlled environment. Your son or daughter will feel safe as they learn, grow, and gain self-confidence from the comfort of their home.

It’s Important to Enrich a Child’s Life Socially

When virtual schooling comes to mind, you may picture your child sitting home by themselves, isolated from their friends. That's not what we're about here. At PA Virtual we provide a variety of opportunities for socialization. Our students are able to attend field trips and service-learning projects in their local community. Plus, we offer a wide variety of virtual clubs, including chess club, photography, crafts, gaming, National Honors Society, and many, many more. Our free online school serves families in Gettysburg, New Oxford, and the surrounding areas.

Learning that is Custom Designed for Students

A cyber school in Adams County with flexible schedulingIt can be difficult for teachers to keep all of their students in a physical classroom working at the exact same speed. In our online model, we offer flexible scheduling which allows students to work at their own pace. So, contact our local Adams County online school today. You can get started by watching some of our informative videos.

I love this school I like all of the teachers that is there
I love my school. I have done this school since kindergarten and now going to the 10th grade. It is not easy but I am ahead and have learned so much more than my brick and mortar friends. My coach, my mother has helped me to excel by giving me structure and a love for learning. Thank you for having this home base school. All teachers are not awesome but all helped me to get the information needed. Some of my teachers have been outstanding. They are the best. There is no school that will be 100% in everything but PAVCS is definitely striving high. I love learning in the safety of my home and not focus on a shooter or being bullied. I can just focus on learning. 💜
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Our Daughter started in 2nd grade and she absolutely loves it.
Excellent school with great staff.