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Learn about the PA Virtual model and "how it works."

You’ll receive information covering:

  • The pros & cons of cyber charter schools 
  • Details about the enrollment process 
  • Curriculum examples 
  • School comparisons 
  • Social opportunities
  • Post Ccber school opportunities & more.


The Pa Virtual Mission:

To provide Pennsylvania public K-12 students a superior cyber charter option, continuously improving by using innovative technologies, well-rounded curricula, and individualized educational delivery in safe learning environments. PA Virtual seeks to equip our students with excellent academic education, social skills, and character development for their lives as productive 21st-century citizens. Request information today. 


"PA Virtual has been a wonderful education option for both of my boys the past 8 years. My eldest son had struggled socially and was not focusing well at his brick and mortar school. He was able to graduate from high school in only three years with high honors. If we had to do it all over again, we would undoubtedly choose the same path: PA Virtual!"

- Kim McGuckin, PA Virtual Parent 


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Guide to Attending Cyber School in PA

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